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Bezplatné 3D CAD modely pre Alibre Design, AutoCAD, CATIA, Inventor, Pro/ENGINEER, SOLIDWORKS, Solid Edge, TopSolid …
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Basics of modeling transistors

By David Herres All transistors operate according to the exact same physical principles as diodes, the only difference being that they have greater complexity because there are additional P-N...

Design World

17. októbra 2014
The basics of diodes

By David Herres Ordinary crystalline silicon semiconductors work according to the same physical principles as the old-world galena (PbS, lead sulfide) cat’s whisker radio-frequency detectors in early crystal sets. The...

Design World

16. októbra 2014
Electric busses: Another good use for wind-generated power

The world’s largest battery-electric vehicle says Chinese manufacturer BYD (Build Your Dream) is a 60-foot articulated bus that can carry 120 passengers over 170 miles on a single electric charge. Hundreds gather at the beginning of BYD’s APTA EXPO presentation for the unveiling of its battery-electric bus. The company also displayed a 40-ft bus that

Windpower Engineering & Development

Design World

16. októbra 2014
TraceParts Announces Debut of New 3D Community, Redesigned Web Site

TraceParts Inc., a leading provider of 3D engineering content, announced yesterday that it has launched a new 3D community that will aim to connect CAD users and suppliers. The community, which will be called 3D Exchange (3DX), will also be a platform on which community members can display their work and solicit feedback. The company […]

3D CAD World

Design World

16. októbra 2014